What Our Clients Are Saying…

Shari ive been following you and your training in my 8 years in this industry and Ive learnt a lot but continue to be inspired by you and inspired by the world around me .

It is wonderful making lessons out of living and our experiances that we can adapt on the sales floor, as you’ve done here, The added bonus is that it gives you the moment to stop and truely look at our experiances and enjoy them.

Thankyou for your contributions to the industry and to my career. All the best on this months targets.


Perfect! I always tell this to my staff, always be yourself. Always remember we are selling ourselves to our guests, so don’t pretend who you are not.


I am working on the modules daily Shari. I am so excited that the positive Universal Force guided me to you. I'm still pinching myself... just testing to see if it is just a dream. I'm completely grateful to you Shari...You are the BEST!!!!


After being in the industry for 25 years I really thought I knew it all. I am now a firm believer that the Levitin system creates results above and beyond what a sales team can achieve without the added benefit of Levitin training and tools.


...By the way, they absolutely love the material, they have been watching thus far. Have had them focusing on the Discovery videos. My new people thank me daily for seeking you out and investing in them. Shari thank you so much for working with me and for making this blessing possible. It speaks volumes to your character! This is my third month as a manager, & before timeshare I was a school teacher. So i really value education. If you were not the compassionate person that you are, I would not be able to help my team in the manner that i am doing. So thank you Shari, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I so greatly appreciate you for being you!!!!


“Many to Many” The New World of Collaboration

“Many to Many” The New World of Collaboration

When I was in grade school, the excitement and pleasure of knowing The Wizard of Oz would be airing within the month was overwhelming. Neighborhood children delighted in invitations to friends’ houses, where together they would eat Jiffy Pop popcorn and watch The Wicked Witch swoop down on her broom into Munchkin Land.

In those days, if you were careless enough to miss The Wizard of Oz, or Frosty the Snowman’s annual showing, you had to wait an entire year for your next opportunity. We’ve come a long way from three major networks and a handful of radio stations. We’ve evolved from a few providers broadcasting to many, to the new phenomenon of “Many to Many.” [Read more...]